MICK MILLIGAN: Stunt Performer - Stunt Coordinator - Filmmaker - Photographer - Blogger  


It was a dark and stormy night, and the wind blew a hurricane...

...and so he asked if I could ride a bicycle. Apparently I was a good double for the lead on the Greenking IPA commercial. So early in 2000 I fired my fitness manager boss-type-guy at the gym and started a career performing stunts. Now I get to have the coolest "offices" with the best views on the planet. Sometimes the office moves, sometimes it explodes, sometimes its under water or suspended up in the air. I get set on fire, shot, drowned, dragged, ratcheted, kicked, punched, thrown, dropped, shoved... Stairs were made for falling, cars for rolling, colleagues for fighting, fire for (censored for my mom's sanity).

I just love being good at that which I love to do.